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A healthy and strong relationship with your kids is key to create an easier parenting situation.

When children feel cared about, safe, and stable in a healthy relationship then they will show a much more pleasing way of behaving.


The parenting group we are offering is based on a filial play and attachment/development model of parenting. This means that the development of the child is discussed, the need for attachment is reflected upon, and a style of parent/child play is taught.


Our parenting program is highly effective and will change your view of your children and their struggles. We teach a completely different model of parenting that does not just focus on the behaviors but goes beyond to help reflect the underlying problems.


The relationship you have with your child will be changed and will help you as a parent be effective and successful. As authors Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate state, “just as the relationship is at the heart of our current parenting and teaching difficulties, it is also at the heart of the solution.”


This course can help you be the solution!

Parenting Group