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Couples Therapy | Calgary

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If you're facing challenges with your child's anxieties or sensitivities, or if your child is struggling to adapt to life changes, our child therapists in Calgary can provide the support you need. Our team of Calgary psychologists is guided by principles of attachment and development, believing that addressing these issues is key to helping children thrive. At Flourish, we offer Play Therapy for children and Parent support and coaching for parents.

Should We Get Couples Therapy?

Although every relationship is different, here are some signs to tell you when to ask for help...

  • Lack of sexual interest

  • A decrease in quality time together

  • Affair or betrayal

  • Decreased ability to manage conflict

  • Or you simply forgot how to love one another


Changes in your relationship can be daunting, but they also present an opportunity for personal and mutual growth. Couples Counselling in Calgary or (Marriage Counselling in Calgary) delves into unhelpful relationship patterns and works toward a more positive experience. Sometimes, individuals are too close to their situations to see them objectively. Having a third party to listen and provide an unbiased perspective can be immensely beneficial. Your relationship issues may not be as insurmountable as they seem – they might just require some guidance, and that's where we come in!

When Should We Seek Marriage Counselling?

This definitely varies for each couple, but some common recurring themes are decreased sexual interest or infidelity; an increase in fighting without resolution; difficulty communicating current and future needs and plans; perpetual gridlock on certain issues; difficulties in parenting; loss of friendship within the couple dynamic; an erosion of interests or values; and negative behaviours, like addiction or gambling. If something is interfering with marital happiness, counselling may be the solution. You can even start with a simple quiz like this.

What Happens At Couples Counselling?

Firstly, you can book a 15-minute, no-obligation consult with a psychologist in Calgary to determine the best way to proceed and what you would be looking for in a therapist. Remember, our entire organization has always been open and welcoming to all relationships – married, common-law, lesbian, gay, and all other LGBTQ minorities – and is a completely judgment-free zone.

From there, we will guide you through combined and individual interviews and sessions, in order to get to the heart of the issues you are experiencing and tailor treatments to your specific situation. We use techniques such as The Gottman Method to deliver verified, proven techniques that will help improve the aspects of your relationship that need it.

What Does Marriage Counselling Do?

Marriage counselling helps identify and isolate problematic systems and patterns in relationships, which are often hard to see when you’re in the middle of them. It relies heavily on research and evidence-based practices. The presence of a neutral third-party witness often helps people see their relationship from a different perspective.


Marriage counselling offers a way to better resolve conflicts and strengthen foundations, so that future conflicts are resolved more quickly and with a lessened negative effect. Often, it helps couples feel more connected, and many report that they understand each other’s values and opinions much better.

How Does Marriage Counselling Work Anyway?

The process typically starts with an assessment of the relationship, either informal or formal. One of our favourite methods for this is the Gottman Relationship Checkup, based on the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. They have a high focus on building foundations for strong marriages, and the Checkup includes an interview with both members of the couple and a psychologist, as well as an online assessment.


Next is when the therapist meets with each person individually, if they would like to do that. This includes getting information on previous relationships, and some family history in order to build a better context database.


Step 3 is where we roll up our sleeves, in order to work on skills-based content that has been discovered during the previous assessment phase. After that, it’s time to enter into more active treatment, based on any “red flags” we’ve found – this entails heavy work in those areas, leading to corrections and, hopefully, lasting changes and a healthy relationship.

Learning More About Relationship Counselling in Calgary

Ready to take the first step? Book a free 15-minute phone consultation with our experienced Calgary Couples Therapists to explore how we can assist you.

Our relationship therapists welcome married, common-law, lesbian, gay, queer, and bisexual couples to therapy. 


Many of our psychologists are trained in Level 1 Gottman's.  Phoenix and Martina are trained in both Level 1 & Level 2 Gottman's Training.


Dr. Brill also offers Marathon Couples Therapy in the Bragg Creek and Calgary area.

Call now to speak with one of our Calgary psychologists or if you'd prefer you can simply book with one of our relationship therapists online today.

Click this link to view more available types of therapy in Calgary.

We also offer a Couples Workshop to help with relationships.

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