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Couples Therapy

man and woman couple holding hands while riding bikes - couples therapy

If you are experiencing difficulty with your child's anxieties, sensitivities or your child is having difficulty adjusting to life changes one of our child therapists can help. Our team of psychologists here in Calgary is guided by principles of attachment and development and believe that once this is addressed children thrive. Here at Flourish, we work with the children using Play Therapy and with the parents using Parent support and coaching.

Should We Get Couples Therapy?


Although every relationship is different, here are some signs to tell you when to ask for help...

  • Lack of sexual interest

  • A decrease in quality time together

  • Affair or betrayal

  • Decreased ability to manage conflict

  • Or you simply forgot how to love one another



Changes in your relationship can be scary! However, it also serves as an opportunity to grow individually, and together as a couple. In couples counselling or marriage counselling we will reveal unhelpful patterns that you have created in your relationship, and move towards a more positive experience.  Sometimes people really are too close to their own situations to see things clearly.  Having a third party be able to listen to what is happening and take an unbiased approach can he hugely beneficial.  Sometimes people's relationship problems aren't as bad as they think they are... they just need a little guidance to get them back on track - that's where we come in!


Book a free 15-minute phone consult with our Calgary psychologists to see how we might be helpful to you.


Our relationship therapists welcome married, common-law, lesbian, gay, queer, and bisexual couples to therapy. 


Phoenix, Kimberly, Melissa, and Martina are trained in Level 1 & Level 2 Gottman's Training


Dr. Brill also offers Marathon Couples Therapy in the Bragg Creek and Calgary area.

What happens at couples counselling?


Firstly, you can book a 15-minute, no-obligation consult with a psychologist in Calgary to determine the best way to proceed and what you would be looking for in a therapist. Remember, our entire organization has always been open and welcoming to all relationships – married, common-law, lesbian, gay, and all other LGBTQ minorities – and is a completely judgment-free zone.

From there, we will guide you through combined and individual interviews and sessions, in order to get to the heart of the issues you are experiencing and tailor treatments to your specific situation. We use techniques such as The Gottman Method to deliver verified, proven techniques that will help improve the aspects of your relationship that need it.

What's Your Couples Counselling Strategy Based On?

Our couples counseling therapy is based on the world-renowned Gottman Institute methodology of marriage and relationship therapy.  This service begins with a thorough assessment; including interviews both together and individually, as well as a number of online assessments. The assessment takes 4-6 hours. After you have received feedback from the assessment we will work together to overcome weaknesses in the relationship. Treatment length varies depending on your unique relationship needs.

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost?


Prices range due to a variety of factors, and is set at a provincial level by the Psychology Association of Alberta. The usual price is between $220-$250 per 60-minute session. However, the actual cost to you might be substantially lower or even zero, since nearly all benefits plans cover services delivered by a registered therapist. We can even direct bill several of them, such as Blue Cross and Green Shield. Check your insurance documentation to see what you are entitled to, and you can find more specific information summarized here.

Do You Also Offer Marriage Counselling?


Yes.  Marriage counselling and couples counselling are very similar.  All marriages are couples but not all couples are married.  Many of the same methods used to help couples in common law or longterm relationships are also used for couples who are married.  Learn All About Marriage Counselling in our blog!

How Can I Learn More About Relationship Counselling?

Call now to speak with one of our Calgary psychologists or if you'd prefer you can simply book with one of our relationship therapists online today.

Click this link to view more available types of therapy in Calgary.

We also offer a Couples Workshop to help with relationships.

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