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Children & Teens Therapy

teen looking away - children and teenager therapy

Children Therapy

Psychotherapy to help children and kids.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your child's anxieties, sensitivities or your child is having difficulty adjusting to life changes one of our child therapists can help. Our team of psychologists here in Calgary is guided by principles of attachment and development and believe that once this is addressed children thrive. Here at Flourish, we work with the children using Play Therapy and with the parents using Parent support and coaching.

Teenager Therapy.

Psychotherapy to help with Parent and Teenager conflict.

Adolescence is a challenging period of time in which young people are trying to figure out how to become the next generation; they are still your children but they also need to figure out how to move into adulthood while navigating a number of factors, including defining their own identity while being influenced by family, peer groups, and youth sub-culture. During this time, adolescents experience confusion (can you blame them?) and are often at risk of becoming involved with high-risk activities. Teenage therapist counselling with one of our Calgary psychologists can help young people find healthier ways to express themselves and feel heard and validated.

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